WCW: Genevieve Chanelle

Genevieve Chanelle has been a great friend and partner for us at the stndrd magazine. She was an easy, and natural, choice for our “WCW” feature. We asked her about her love of sneakers, social media and her best asset.

You have worked with the stndrd quite a bit now, are you sick of us yet?

Never that! I love working with the stndrd team!

You are a huge sneaker fan, where did that passion for kicks come from?

I started loving sneakers in high school, particularly Air Jordans.

What kinds of challenges face a model today when you have all the social media aspects of the business playing a huge role?

There are a lot of critics and highly opinionated people out there—I use that to get better.

What is the worst modeling job you have ever had?

I’ve never really had a bad experience. Every job is different and I try to make the best of everything!

What do you consider to be your best personal asset when it comes to your career?

My graciousness—I appreciate every supporter, every new experience and every blessing.

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