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Tailor4Less is an online shopping destination where business men and stylish guys alike can custom build their own tailored suit. With a catalogue of 180 fabrics and 1.5 million potential combinations, Tailor4Less has emerged as a leading resource for price-conscientious guys who still want their suit to fit like it cost $2k.  T4L recently reached out and invited me to try out their unique process of ‘custom online tailoring’ and needless to say, I obliged.

The site is well designed and more attractive than a lot of suit sites out there. The customizing process is easy enough to work your way through as well, especially if you know the style of suit you want to create. With so many options and combinations I imagine it could get a little overwhelming if you were buying your very first suit and had no idea what you were really looking for. If you have owned a suit before, whether it was good or bad, you know what you want out of your next suit and you shouldn’t be as intimidated as a first-time buyer..

For my suit I went with a 2 piece in their blue ‘Upper Side’ fabric with the ‘Seabra’ silk lining. I created a single breasted, slim fit, 2 button blazer, with standard lapel and double welt pockets. I even sprung for the monogrammed initials since it was on the house!

For the pants I also chose their ‘slim fit’ option. Opting for the diagonal pockets and a classic displaced button as well as a piped back pocket.

Lastly, I created a custom button down, which was exciting since I often find men’s button downs to be too boxy and not long enough, both through the torso and the sleeve. I went with the ‘slim’ fit again and decided to go with the ‘Cutaway’ collar. For the sleeve I chose their ‘Rounded with 2 button’ and for the hem I chose the ‘Normal cut’.

Overall the experience was very user friendly. The one drawback is if you don’t know your sizes really well. I find that a lot of guys generally know their sizes, but when it comes to customizing your own tailoring, it can require a little more than the average guy typically knows off-hand. This, I assume, is why they offer to ‘estimate your measurement’ through a weight X height X physical shape formula. The other option is to manually enter your sizing accompanied by instructional tutorials on doing your own at home measurements. I recently had a suit tailored so thankfully I knew most of my sizes. Even then a couple proved to be difficult.

Once I finished my measurements the process was complete and I sat back to wait for my suit to arrive. Although I felt confident I completed the measurement process properly I have to admit I was a bit nervous. Upon arrival I was relieved that the sizes I knew from my most recent real life tailoring experience proved to ring true with the Tailor4Less site.

Like I mentioned before, this process might not be as easy to successfully navigate for a first time suit buyer but I think it definitely helps a lot of guys who know what they want but don’t want to pay for a designer name either.

My recommendation, get your measurement taken at your local tailor’s and then order. It will save you the possibility of ending up at the tailor once your suit actually arrives.

Learn more about Tailor4Less HERE!

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