WCW: Erica Grisby

The model Erica Grisby is originally from the state of Utah. The ridiculously sexy girl signed with a modeling agency in Utah when she was only 19 years old. She eventually moved to Los Angeles and signed with another agency in Southern California. We talked to the knockout about her dating life, favorite personal features and her history with our magazine. You can see more, and learn more about Erica on her Instagram — @ericagrisby. The photos were taken by Melinda Johnson and you can follow her on Instagram — @melindajae.

How many times do you think you have been named someone’s “WCW” on social media?

I have no idea! How can I find out? (Laughs)

If a guy wanted to ask you on a date, what kind of advice would you give him?

Be confident and don’t use any cheesy lines. Confident guys can get any girl they want!

What kind of guys do you usually find attractive?

I like a guy who can make me laugh. I also like guys who are driven and not lazy.

What do you personally think is your best feature?

I like my skin color. I’m mixed, so I have a tan all year around!

What do guys usually say is your best feature?

My personality.

What is one thing you have never told anyone about yourself?

I’ve never really told anybody, but people close to me know that I am addicted to candy! I eat it all day—from morning to night. It’s not a good thing.

You were featured in our first issue. What do you remember about that shoot?

I remember that shoot very well. I met a very good friend/photographer that day—Shannon Jankula. Together we have shot for Maxim and some other magazines. I am very thankful that I met her.  

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