WCW: Alexandra Tyler

The beautiful Alexandra Tyler is originally from Sacramento, California. The young fresh-faced girl has been modeling now for three years. Tyler was an easy choice to be our very first “WCW” featured on our blog. “I really do love my job. I hope that I’m lucky enough to do what I do for a long time,” says Tyler in regards to her work.

You can see more of Alexandra Tyler on Instagram @alexandratyler_.

What is the most difficult part about being a model for you?

I don’t have a set schedule—I always have to be available at any given time.

Do you ever Google yourself?

I don’t google myself! I’m not interested in seeing what everybody else sees (laughs).

There are so many “models” online and spread across social media. How do you personally try and standout from the crowd?

I try not to compare myself to other models because we are all so different. We all have our own strong points. My thing is that I live healthy and I keep my body fit. I’m also dependable and I work hard.

What is the best experience you have had being a model?

My best experience as a model was in the beginning [of my career]. A great photographer named Jack Guy worked with me and that jump-started my career. I will always be grateful to him.

What is the worst experience you have had being a model?

Going to a job that I booked and the client sent me home because my hair was different then how it was when they booked me. Only time that has ever happened and it was awful!!!

Is it hard for you to date with your profession?

I have a very special guy that is very supportive of me. But, in the past—I’d say adios to the insecure ones.

What do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

Confidence and trust in us as a couple! That is Very Sexy to me.

What is one of the most common misconceptions guys have about you based on your work?

My pictures portray a sexy persona—I’m actually a prude.

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