The Internet Hates You Both!


A lot of people on various social media platforms, and off, have a real problem with Taylor Swift and Drake. These issues seem to be rooted in the fact that people disagree with how they make their love lives the center of their songs. There are memes and photo shopped images passed around online that mockingly wonder what would happen if the two dated. Their critics muse over the idea that their inevitable break-up would lead to a wide range of depressing and self-serving pop songs. Social media is filled with people who keep things “real.” They are “real” about their relationship status, “real” about what they ate for lunch and “real” about what celebrity bothers them. But, these “real” people can’t handle truth from their artists?

Music, especially the radio friendly music Drake and Swift make, is perceived to be a form of escapism. It is understandable that people don’t want to be reminded of their own problems when they are listening to the radio on their way to work or school. Most of us have experienced, or are currently experiencing, the heartbreak the duo often craft songs about. But, there are plenty of other artists talking about partying and debauchery in music today. Do we really want every artist and their work to sound like a 90s’ Puff Daddy song? Can’t we have a little heartbreak and honest emotion in our entertainment?

Who knows if what Swift and Drake discuss in their work is even “honest?” They could be exaggerating for dramatic effect the same way Rick Ross exaggerates about being a criminal in his lyrics. Regardless if they are being 100% genuine or not, what they are talking about in their music is more universally felt than the rumblings of a supposed drug kingpin.

Music is an art form and what people value in any particular song and artist is of course subjective. I just personally feel that we shouldn’t bash an artist for taking a divergent approach to their work. If we don’t like it, instead of mocking, maybe we should just listen to something else.

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