Too Much of a Good Thing?


When I was a kid the summer season meant huge “Blockbuster” films were released. Films like the Original Star Wars trilogy, the Indiana Jones series and the 1989 Batman film were rare treats that only came around when the weathered warmed up. Event movies like those were special and they were something to look forward to during the rest of the year. Hollywood in the last 10-15 years has changed the way it handles the big franchise pictures. Instead of being a special treat, they are almost the entire cinematic diet.

It sounds great in theory that we live in a world where the Captain America sequel (The Winter Soldier) is released in the springtime of this year. But, does too much of a good thing all year around make event films less meaningful? Kids today are spoiled, when I was a kid we had a chance to watch a Batman film maybe every three years and there wasn’t really any other superhero projects out there to get excited about in the interim. Now every year there are at least two or three superhero films for kids to look forward to (mostly thanks to Marvel). Batman by himself isn’t enough anymore either, now we have to have Batman and Superman in the same movie!

Hollywood’s focus on big budget projects has also made other types of films more and more rare. There are very few films now, high concept anyway, that don’t deal with pre-existing material. Everything is a remake, sequel or an adaptation of some sort. Original ideas are sporadic and films that aren’t filled with spectacle are becoming practically instinct.

The 12 year old inside me is completely giddy with the idea of a new Star Wars film coming soon and a superhero flick being released practically every few months. The adult me however realizes that too much of a good thing can be troublesome. I hope at some point Hollywood finds a balance between the grandiose and the smaller more intimate productions.

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