“True Suck”: The Impact of True Detective

truedectopPeople suck! It’s pretty much a known fact that people are the absolute worst. People mess up everything! If you disagree with anything I wrote you probably aren’t being honest with yourself and those lies you tell yourself are part of the reason why you suck so much.

Television has improved greatly over the past 10-15 years (despite the involvement of people). One of the reasons why TV has improved so much is because it has gotten much more honest about humanity. True Detective is a recent show that showcases the worst aspects of human nature. Greed, lust and violence are all a part of the shows’ narrative. The bad guys are monsters, and the good guys aren’t necessarily noble, they just aren’t as depraved as the monsters. People are prone to ugliness and feebleness. But, they are also capable of moments of heroism and virtue. True Detective had such an impact on viewers because it showed people in an unfiltered way. I’m not saying every person on the planet is capable of the violent acts depected on True Detective, but we all have hurt people. True Detective shows the extreme side of the ugliness we are capable of by putting the spotlight on serial killers. Great fiction always magnifies and dramatizes the problems with humanity. The vast majority of us have never killed anyone, but we have all hurt someone with words or actions.

We all suck (that includes myself). We can all have our moments when we raise ourselves above the flaws we are all burdned with. Television is currently embracing the complexities of human nature, and because of that, we are getting incredible entertainment from it.

If you did not watch True Detective, here is a look at what you missed.

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