Custom Trunks: “Tony Trunks”


Tony Trunks are a seasonal series of custom trunks put together and designed by Tony Logan. If you are looking for some added style and a little help with your current wardrobe this is for you.

In Tony’s Words:
“This is the second collection I’m releasing from my trunk series titled ‘Scent of Fall.’ For this collection I wanted to create a fall inspired trunk that really capture what fall really means to me. I believe fall has a unique smell and look every year that’s different from the other seasons so that’s why I called this collection the ‘Scent of Fall.’ Each trunk includes a sweater, a button up,dress socks, neck ties and a scented candle. Price ranges from $100- $150. Free shipping in the U.S. Only 4 trunks will be released from this collection.”

The unique trunks are available for purchase HERE.

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