Chris Lilley

Ja’ime: Private School Girl is a brand new comedy series from creator Chris Lilley. Lilley also stars on the HBO program as the title character. The talented actor has a knack for portraying a vast array of colorful characters. He has demostrated this propensity on past HBO comedies, Summer Heights High (where the Ja’ime character debuted) and Angry Boys.

What can you tell us about Ja’ime: Private School Girl?

Ja’mie is out of control and a bigger bitch than ever in her first show that’s all about her. It’s all about her last few months of school and her friendship dramas, boy issues, and some big stuff that happens that changes the course of her life. Everything is pretty dramatic and over the top in Ja’mie’s world.

When did you realize you had the gift of being able to impersonate or portray a lot of different types of people?

It’s not so much a gift, but something I have been interested in since I was a kid. I was always dressing up and inventing characters. My childhood friend and I used to call each other and chat for hours as other characters.

Do you do a lot of research before you create and portray a character?

Ja’mie has been with me for a while so I think I’m always aware of what teenage girls are like and I take it in without thinking about it. But, after writing the script for the new show, I hung out with some 17 year old girls to check on a few things. My Facebook fans are always a good source of inspiration for teenage behavior.

Have you ever portrayed a character that you felt was close to who you actually are?

No, they’re all pretty far removed from me. But, there must be aspects of me that creep through somehow. I’ve had friends say I remind them of Nathan the mute deaf twin [from Angry Boys]—I’m not sure how to take that.

Ja’ime debuts Nov. 24th on HBO.  

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