Theo Rossi

Theo RossiThe drama Sons of Anarchy has consistently been one
of television’s best shows
since it premiered in 2008.
Its colorful group of
characters is portrayed by
an amazing group of talented
actors including the gifted
Theo Rossi. Rossi refers to
himself as the ultimate
“blue collar” thespian and
his long and versatile
performance resume proves
his statement to be very accurate.

His portrayal of
‘Juice’ on Sons is one of
the drama’s highlights and a
major reason why it has been
able to prosper in the
competitive field of basic
cable hour-long dramas.

Is the audition process the most difficult part of being an actor?

I’m one of the few who loves auditioning. I love competition…so knowing other people are vying for the same thing…I’ve always liked that. The politics of it suck…a lot goes into it that has nothing to do with acting. But, it’s part of the deal.

Can you talk a little bit about your creative process in terms of your acting career?

I’m pretty insane about [my] process. I always tell young actors, ‘the best thing you can do is live your life.’ My process has always been to pull as much as I can from my own life and do as much research as I can.

Many current cable hour-long dramas seem fixated on humanizing an antagonist character or group of characters. Where do you think this trend stems from?

We always want to see what we can’t be in our normal life. We examine characters in these hour-long dramas that we aren’t in reality. So many different shows right now are examining people that are different than common people and we as a society find that interesting.

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