Ricky Powell: Shots in Time

“I saw them [streets of New York] and was like ‘oh shit.’ I stopped them and said ‘can I get a quick one.’ Jean-Michel Basquiat knew me a little and he turned to Andy
Warhol and said ‘he’s cool.’ They posed for me. It was cool.”

The legendary artist Ricky Powell has taken some of the most memorable shots of the past four decades. His celebrity photographs captured the true essence of the larger than life personalities he highlighted. Ricky’s unique nature and mastery of his craft has allowed him to become an icon. “I classify myself as an individual—a lone wolf. I took pictures on the hangout tip. I got lucky. Taking pictures of people I admire was like collecting baseball cards for me. I did it for the love of it,” reflects Ricky on how he got his start.

“They were a lot of fun. Especially between 1985 and 1994. They were very cool dudes. I had love and respect for them. It was easy. They embraced me.”

“They showed me mad respect and mad love. They are beautiful human beings.”

Check out more from Ricky at rickypowell.com

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