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Nyjah Stair
Nyjah Huston is currently one of the premier faces in the world of skating. At the age of 18 he has accomplished more than many action sport athletes twice his age could ever dream of. He was the youngest participant in X-Games history when he competed at the shockingly young age of 11. Many would make the case that the boy wonder is not only the most recognizable street skater on the planet, but also its very best. Nyjah will spend his summer of 2013 taking part in the international X-Games and is predicted to do extremely well—as he always has in the competition. His dominance on a board has allowed him to branch out into other endeavors outside the sport. He recently received his very first signature sneaker from DC Shoes and was able to help craft and design the skate kick. The young sensation also found time to appear in the film, The Motivation, which is a documentary that follows some of the best street skateboarders on the planet.

How did your relationship with a skateboard begin?

I started skating when I was 4 or 5 years old. My dad was a skater in his teenage years…he got myself and my older brothers into it. Ever since I first stepped onto a skateboard I have loved it. It’s all I have ever wanted to do…I could never picture myself doing something else.

What kind of preparation does itNJ 0160F
take for you to maintain the level
of skating you are known for?

It takes staying in shape. I skate
as much as possible. I am constantly
working on new tricks and watching
other skaters…I try to keep up
with what everyone else is doing.
The progression of skateboarding
increases at such an insane level.
Every year people get so much better.

At this early stage of your career,
what motivates you?

Trying to become the best I can be.
I don’t want to look back when I’m
30 or 40 years old and be like ‘I
could have done more.’ I want to do
whatever I can while I’m at a young
age [to get better]. Skateboarding is
what I love…even if I wasn’t a
professional skater…I would still
be skating everyday.

Do you ever get nervous when competing?

I do get really, really nervous. Doing well in a competition means a lot to me. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well. I try and stay as calm as possible. I make sure I practice as much as I can beforehand…so when the competition does come around I feel confident that I will do well.

What kind of advice do you have for young skaters who may want to follow in your footsteps?

Try and start as young as possible…that really gives you an advantage. At a young age you shouldn’t take it too seriously. Have fun with it…that’s what I did…I was out there skating and having a good time and I just sort of naturally got really good at it. As long as you have a love for it you will progress at a natural pace.

How long do you see yourself continuing to skate as a profession?

I would love to compete at the level I am until I am 30 or older. I am not sure how my knees and legs will be holding up by then…only time will tell. I will be riding even when I am not competing…I will always be out there skating with my friends. It’s what I love.

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