Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo has managed to be ‘that guy in everything’ that we, for the most part, telepathically try and warn the other characters in the movie not to mess with. Alas, they don’t listen, and we witness them getting what’s coming to them Trejo-style, or feel a sense of loss if he’s offed, whether he’s right or wrong. Then of course you have the Spy Kids version of Machete where we just kind of wish he was our uncle.

I got to chat with Mr. Trejo on a stormy Thursday morning in California (ok, stormy for us people on the west coast is 50 degrees, windy, and any rain). Any nervousness I experienced dissipated as soon as he greeted me. It became abundantly clear Danny Trejo loves acting as much as we love watching him. He absolutely respects the people he works with, is extremely humble and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Since getting ‘discovered’ over twenty years ago, Trejo is constantly looking for the next project or passion. Always willing to share his life experiences and express his gratitude for all he’s been given and earned, it’s not a surprise that people enjoy working with him or unanimously praise his dedication to his craft, whatever it might be. Evidently it’s not an act; he stays employed. He’s legit.

On Being Involved In Over 200 Films And Keeping It Up

It’s about 250 [he politely corrects]. ‘A busy man has time to do everything’ a friend once told me. I really love what I do; I get in trouble when I’m not working.

His Favorite Role

Machete. I would’ve loved that movie dannytrejo02
[Machete] even if I wasn’t in it.
It’s just balls-to-wall action. The
next one would be my character in
Heat. He was actually based off my
uncle. Michael Mann knew my uncle.
The character was named Gilbert Trejo
and that was his name. He and Mann
were real good friends.

Tanit Phoenix, His Death
Race 2 And 3 Co-Star

I’ve also done Death Race 2 and Death
Race 3: Inferno. For Death Race 3 we
have a girl in there, her name is T
anit Phoenix, and honest to God, when
you see her she’s go to hell, lookout,
gorgeous. She’s mesmerizing. You’re
staring at her and she has this accent
from Africa …I told her ‘You have two
options here; you can either fool around
with me or I’m kidnapping you!’ We had
such a blast. She’s such a good friend. We were filming in South Africa for
about three months with a bunch of English actors, and English actors sometimes
tend to stay away from me. You know, ‘He’s been in prison,’ ‘We’re not really
sure he’s house-broke’ (laughs). Anyway, we explored the area. It was great.

Portraying Romeo Prada On Acclaimed Drama Sons of Anarchy

Oh, everybody loves it. I was in Russia and they were offering me $100 for a
t-shirt with Jax’s picture on it. Sons Of Anarchy is so much fun. Those guys
are younger than I am. They’re all cut up and buff. I have to stay in really good
shape and show up without a shirt. I stay in pretty good shape and they all
give me respect.

Owning Classic Cars

Let’s see…I have 1936 Dodge Touring Sedan. There’s only five registered and
Jay Leno doesn’t even have one! There’s also my 1952 Chevy Pickup Truck, a
1965 Riviera, and a 1976 Cadillac Seville…I drive all of em.

Training Boxers

I train, I do a lot of training.
I just worked with Guerrero from
up north in California. He just
won the championship. The next DUKOFF_22220012 1
fight is Pac or Mayweather.
He’s a brawler and neither
one of those want to brawl the
way he does.

The Next Machete

Of course we did Machete Kills.
Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen…Lady
Gaga’s in it. She’s amazing. I
actually met her in a tattoo shop.
I told her I was getting ready
to do Machete Kills and she said,
‘Oh, I would love to be involved
in it!’ So I told Robert Rodriguez
and she ended up in the movie.
Great actress.

Robert Rodriguez

He’s amazing. He keeps coming up with ideas. The next one will probably be
Machete in Outer Space (chuckles). Remember Moonraker? Something like that.
If you go to lunch with Robert Rodriguez and you mention anything, by the end
of that lunch, you will have a movie.

Considering Directing

Directing is really, really hard. Directing is more of a commitment than a job.
I love mine; I go in to my job and leave. But if you sign on as a director, that’s
the captain of the ship. He’s the first one aboard and the last one to leave.
Attitude trickles down, so he has to be on his top game on day one. Besides
that, directors have to deal with actors! Screw that.

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