The INSIDE OUT project is the world’s largest participatory art project, transforming messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work. The concept of French artist J.R., Inside Out was the result of J.R. winning the 2011 TED Foundation Prize and his subsequent opportunity to make “a wish to change the world.”

His wish was simple, for all the people of the world to stand up for what they care about, and together, turn the world Inside Out.

With the TED community’s help and support, J.R. wanted to share his already popular style of ‘street art’, the pasting of large-scale black and white portraits in the public space, as a tool for people to express themselves around the world.

To give people the opportunity to take ownership of their own image, and to give them a voice to speak out and share their story with the world, thus bringing us all closer together.

The Inside Out project allows groups of individuals to submit their portraits online along with a statement about the focus of their group, and Inside Out mails back large black and white posters in return.  The idea is for a group to then take their posters and paste them in a public space, helping to draw attention to their statement.  The group is encouraged to film and document the pasting and along with their original portrait and statement, Inside Out uploads the project into their online database for the rest of the world to view.

To date they have had over 120,000 people in more than 108 countries participate in the project.  Notable ‘group actions’, as they’re referred to by Inside Out, range from “Save the Artic” in the North Pole by members of the Save the Artic movement, to “We Still Exist” by the Lakota Tribe in North Dakota.

Inside Out has inspired group actions on varied themes such as hope, diversity, gender-based violence, and climate change.  What will they inspire you to say?  Start your group action now at


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