Donnell Rawlings

Talented comedian, Donnell Rawlings, has had a long and truly diverse career in the world of comedy. He has excelled as an actor, radio host and stand-up comedian with his observational style of humor. Donnell is probably best known for his work on the legendary Chappelle’s Show. He can currently be seen on MTV2’s Guy Court.

Which is your favorite—acting, radio work or stand-up comedy?

Stand-up comedy. I don’t have to wait on anyone to voice my opinion. I enjoy it the most because it’s the one I have the most control of.

How do you come up with your material?

If something sparks an interest, I try and put a comedic twist on it. Most of my stuff is observational…it’s usually about society and life in general.

Is the lifestyle that comes with being a stand-up comic a difficult one?

There is nothing tough about it. I can travel the world and crack jokes for a living…there is nothing tough about that.

You were a part of one of the most iconic television shows in history—Chappelle’s Show. What was that experience like?

It never felt like work, it felt like hanging out with close friends. It was a show that wanted to prove that quality shows could be made. It was a great show.

Did you learn anything from Dave Chappelle?

I learned to be totally original. If it was something another network or comedian did we wouldn’t touch it. I learned how important it is to be humble. It’s important to make everyone on the set feel like a part of the process.

Were you surprised that the show ended so abruptly during what would have been its third season?

I was shocked. It was one of the greatest shows of the past twenty years and to walk away from that was shocking. I was grateful though, it gave me a platform for people to see what I could do. I would have loved to have finished that season.

What can you tell us about Guy Court?

MTV2’s Guy Code has spun off into Guy Court. I’m the judge…I think this show is going to be the next big hit in comedy.

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