Marcus Troy

Marcus Troy is one of the top names in a very crowded and competitive field. Marcus is an online blogger and runs one of the most comprehensive and informative popular culture sites on the web. His website serves as his very own personal diary and covers a long list of topics that includes fashion, footwear, travel, gadgets, music and people. He started the popular for very personal reasons.

“The initial reason to start the blog was to be able to communicate to people the things I was interested in. For me, it was an extension of who I was,” Troy says.

The site tries to stay fresh and new by featuring things that aren’t already saturated across the World Wide Web.

“I’m not afraid to showcase new things. I want to tell you about this new artist, or this new jacket. I’m really about sharing,” the online journalist explains. He has become a favorite to many of the brands and manufactures he covers on the blog. The companies have a lot of respect for his views and opinions. His insight is often rewarded with many perks and bonuses—which include free sneakers and trips to cover exclusive industry events. You would think that all these rewards and gifts would become Troy’s driving force in continuing the cultural evaluation spot.

When asked point blank if he would continue the blog minus the rewards, he had this to say…”100%!” The driving force behind Troy’s online journal is passion; he does his job because he loves it. That passion is something he feels is missing in not only his blogging contemporaries, but also our society as a whole.

“The most important thing is figuring out why you do what you do. A lot of people blog because they want free product. That’s not what it’s about,” he states. He continues with a question he feels we should all be asking ourselves on a day-to-day basis. “Why do you get up in the morning and do what you do? When you figure out that piece of the puzzle…everything else will fall into place.”

Marcus Troy has definitely put all the pieces in place to complete his own personal puzzle. It just took him discovering what he was truly passionate about…

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