Kelly Oxford

Social media has become a way for the average person to communicate their likes, dislikes and whatever personal bits of minutia they choose to divulge. Many celebrities and high profile individuals use social media for self-promotion or product advancement. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are often labeled as time wasting tools that serve no real cultural significance. Habitually the information the site’s users tend to share ranges from senseless to outright offensive.

Kelly Oxford has taken social media and turned it into her own personal writing workshop. The talented Canadian writer was able to perfectly mesh personal experiences with a specific brand of humor to become an online sensation. She has amassed a loyal following of over 300,000 Twitter followers and a long list of celebrity supporters.

Oxford has recently moved from Canada to the United States in attempt to expand on the audience and good will she has earned via the net. Oxford isn’t worried that the big passage to Los Angeles will affect her style as an artist. “I’m such a homebody. It’s just the scenery that will change. I will probably be more social in Los Angeles (laughs),” says Oxford.

The support she has received in La La Land, especially from a role model of hers, has been soothing. “I take a lot of comfort that everyone is supportive. I got some really supportive emails from Cameron Crowe. I was totally blown away by Cameron Crowe. I love him so much. Everyone has been so friendly,” Oxford declares with gratitude.

“I would like to have one of my scripts actually produced (laughs). Getting to see a pilot or movie script of mine made is the goal. Right now that is the goal.” Oxford has in the past written television pilots and film scripts that have sold and were developed, but never went into production. She hopes that her current writing opportunities end up more rewarding than her previous ones.

Oxford comes across as very human in her internet works and that’s partly because she isn’t afraid to reference things in her private life, including her husband and kids. While many people’s online postings about their family can be viewed as self-serving or just downright annoying—Oxford avoids those trappings by often being without vanity when it comes to her household. Portraying her family in a non-filtered light would seem like it could embarrass her clan, but Oxford has found no such problem as of yet. “I’m way more embarrassing in person than the stuff I write. My kids are used to it and they have a pretty twisted sense of humor too, so they will fall in line behind me I think.”

Oxford’s online commentary can often be quite snarky when directed at celebrities or people in the news, but she assures us that she isn’t using the internet as a shield from her targets. “When I write about people I try to imagine if I could say it to their face, if I can, then I write it.” There have been a few instances when she has felt like her tweets have been misconstrued or viewed in a harsher light than she would like. “I have pulled tweets that people have misinterpreted. There is such a fine line between people understanding I am being sarcastic and not understanding. If I see that people are misinterpreting what I’ve said, I know I’ve done a bad job communicating and I’ll erase it. I don’t think anything I have ever written came from a bad place.”

The writer also has certain areas of her life that she does try to distance from her online persona. “I don’t talk about sex very often. I don’t want to sexualize myself. I’m not really into that. I talk about it a lot with my friends but I don’t really need to make that public.”

Regardless of the topic Oxford is addressing, or not addressing, she spends a lot less time cultivating her words than one might imagine. “When I think of them [tweets], I write them out. If I say something out loud to someone that makes them laugh…or if it’s something I think people will want to hear me say…I just tweet it. It doesn’t take me anytime. It takes me as long as it does to type it out and make sure its grammatically correct…but I don’t worry about the grammar too much (laughs).”

Kelly Oxford is the exact kind of talent that can raise your appreciation and understanding of a certain medium to another level. If you think social media is vapid and a waste of time, all you have to do is follow the capable writer and see that it does have a cultural value if used effectively. Kelly Oxford isn’t using social media to promote products or her image…she is using it as a way to showcase her talent…and her tremendous talent is definitely worth being showcased.

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