Anne V

Anne V has a resume that includes appearing in every installment of The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue since 2005, walking in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows and appearing in ads for Prada. With a body of work that impressive you can easily label Anne V a supermodel. What’s equally impressive is how down to earth she is. Anne is absolutely gorgeous and has a great personality…basically most of mankind has no shot with her…

What was it like moving to the USA at the age of 15?

When you’re 15, you think you’re the shit and know everything. I look back now and realize I was a child when I came to the US. I lived in New York and was looking for modeling work. I didn’t speak a word of English. I didn’t know anything. Modeling was my dream since I was a very young. When you’re 15, and you’re excited to have your dream come true, you kind of figure things out.

You don’t have much of an accent. Are people usually surprised to learn you’re Russian?

My whole mentality is very American. All my friends are American. All my boyfriends have been American. People notice I have some sort of an accent, but they are usually surprised I am Russian. Most people think Russians have a harder mentality. I’m a very happy and open person. People are surprised I’m Russian because my personality is different than they expect.

What’s the difference between being a woman in America and being a woman in Russia?

I love America because everyone can make it here. Both sexes are pretty equal in America. Men will always be men but there are a lot of powerful women here. In Russia it’s harder to achieve what you want as a woman. Men in Russia are very traditional. I was raised with the mentality that men are the providers. I never really had a chance to date many Russian men, but I love American men very much.

Can your job, and beauty, be intimidating to men?

I guess so…we are all people at the end of the day. I’m a model but it doesn’t mean I don’t have heartbreaks or feel lonely sometimes. We all go through the same things and we all want to be loved. Some men may be intimidated but I am pretty easy going. The amazing thing about love is you never know who you are going to fall in love with. I could fall in love with someone who isn’t rich and famous very easily.

Do you ever get insecure when it comes to your appearance?

Like every single woman, I have my good days and my bad days. My job has taught me how to embrace myself. Being a model, how I look is the most important thing. I think God created you the way you are for a reason. You have to learn to embrace what he gave you. I’ve lasted in this business for 11 years, which shows there is something special about me. You have to embrace who you are.

You are going to appear in the upcoming 5th Die Hard film, how exciting is that for you?

It’s a dream come true! It was my dream for a long time to be in a movie. I grew up with the Die Hard movies. I could never have imagined that my first movie would be a Die Hard film. It was the craziest experience ever. It was maybe the scariest experience of my life. I was freaking out because I never really spoke on camera before. I have never really acted before.

What was it like working with Bruce Willis?

Bruce Willis was one of my idols growing up. My favorite movie as a kid was The Fifth Element. I have watched Fifth Element maybe two thousand times. I know every line from the film. Bruce was amazing to me. He knew it was my first movie and was very helpful. Everyone involved with the film was really kind to me and really helped me.

Can you talk a little bit about your work with the RED charity?

I’ve been working with Bono’s charity RED recently. Their goal right now is by the year 2015 to stop a mother’s transmission of the AIDS virus to their babies. It’s great that they have such an amazing goal. They are actually raising money with that 2015 date in mind. By 2015 they hope that we can have an AIDS free generation. It’s such a possible thing to do. We are just trying to make it happen.


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