Shopping List: The BOOMCASE

The innovative and eye-catching Boom Case was created for very simple and personal reasons. “My brother and I have been building portable music devices for a long time,” says co-founder Dominic Odbert. Dominic and his brother were constantly searching for new ways to make their portable music devices even more manageable for moves. “Putting speakers in a suitcase is actually an old idea,” Odbert admits. Record players were often housed inside suitcase-like devices in the days of vinyl.

The construction of the Boom Case has become increasingly more difficult as its demand and popularity has risen. The tools that Odbert uses have also become much more difficult to obtain. “There is currently a five week back order for the case,” Odbert states. The delay is largely attributed to a lack of manpower. Another issue is that the vintage suitcases that give the device its unique look and mobility aren’t as easy to come by as they once were. “The vintage suitcases are getting more expensive…when I first started, they were a lot easier to find and were a lot cheaper.”

You can pick up a Boom Case of your own at The wait will be worth it.

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