“I neeeed toooo smoke weed, AHHHH!” The prevalent rapper from California starts the interview off exactly the way you might imagine, by yelling out her displeasure with the fact that she can’t smoke in the club we are currently in. A nearby onlooker offers her some of her desired remedy, but unfortunately, she is forced to decline.  “Everyone has some bomb, but I can’t smoke it in this club. I ain’t trying to pay no fine. It’s like a $30,000 fine. $30,000 for a blunt doesn’t seem worth it,” she sadly proclaims.

We caught up with Kreayshawn at a nightclub in San Francisco, CA, on the set of a video shoot for female rapper, Chippy Nonstop. She just wrapped the day’s shoot when we got a chance to speak to the rising hip hop sensation from Oakland, California. Her need for marijuana may be partly due to the stresses of her duties on the set.

Kreayshawn served as director for her friend’s project. “We are a couple of hyphy-ass females who ran into each other at a party,” she says in regards to their friendship. That chance encounter led to a relationship that now includes artistic collaborators.  Not only did she direct Chippy’s video, Kreayshawn also had the fellow rapper appear on a song for her anticipated upcoming album.

The video shoot seemed to go extremely well and Kreay was very positive about its potential. “It turned out beautiful,” she proclaims. The young star plans on keeping the production a strictly female only collaboration. “I’m going to get another girl to edit the video, I’m trying to keep this girl on girl thing going.”

In person, the young MC is very low-key and subdued, much more so than people familiar with her public image might imagine. Yes, she did have a strong craving for weed and that lines up with most people’s preconceived notions of her, but beyond that, she is noticeably more “normal” than many might believe. Her subtle nature on that day could be due to the long day of work she just completed.

She had a command and vision on the set that was quite evident. There is no doubt she was invested in the project; there were no indications of this just being a vanity affair for the celebrity. Her crew and the extras in the production, all gave her their attention and respect. Earning such reverence from a film staff is not an easy task for any director, especially one so young. After a certain shot didn’t go exactly the way she wanted, she asked that all those involved “go harder,” and they seemed to respond willingly and fruitfully. Kreayshawn knew what she wanted on this day and she knew how to ask for it. Her confidence behind the camera was very impressive, considering being a director is not what made her a star.

Kreayshawn’s critics have often labeled the artist inauthentic and manufactured. Obviously, a young and cute white female rapper is going to be met with a certain level of cynicism. It’s easy for naysayers to label her a publicity stunt rather than a genuine bona fide act. The controversial rapper is known almost as well for her feuds and social media skirmishes, as she is for her music.

The popular performer has also received a lot of notice and recognition without ever releasing a full studio album as of yet. That lack of material has made many question whether her fame is based on talent, or merely hype. Kreayshawn has a chance to answer those critics when her album is released this summer.

For our interview, Kreayshawn declined to answer any questions regarding her non-musical life. She wanted our focus to be primarily on her career and creative process. That desire to only want to discuss her art form can be looked upon as commendable and could show Kreay’s growth as an artist. It’s hard to dissect someone’s intentions, but Kreayshawn seemed earnest in her desire to focus on her new CD rather than all the beef anyone with a Twitter account knows she is involved in.

Regardless of her motivation, Kreayshawn was very introspective and calculating with her answers regarding herself and her work during the interview. Of course we probably would have loved to be able to publish some juicy trash talk from the outspoken MC, but for better or worse, that wasn’t able to happen. What we got from her was an interesting, detailed and persona-contrasting profile of a young artist everyone seems to have an opinion on.

The New Album

I can’t wait for it to come out. It’s like having a baby. It’s like the last months of a pregnancy. I know I am about to have this baby, and I feel nice and comfortable. The feeling you have when you are about to give birth, I have right now for this album.

I’m excited to have new music for my fans. I always keep in contact with them and I’m happy to have more to give to them. The fans keep asking me for new content and now I have some.

I got a chance to direct a music video for one of my favorite songs on the album. We shot it in Atlanta and it was really fun directing my own music video. It’s hard to direct yourself in a video. You are literally looking at a monitor while they are putting on your makeup.

Her Passions Beyond Rapping.

Being a music director. I directed over 100 music videos before I ever became known for rapping. I am never going to stop directing videos. It’s what I do.  I want to experiment with the field as much as possible.  I want to get more comfortable with music videos and then maybe move to feature films.

Music and music videos are similar because it’s all about visualizing. You visualize what you see in your head for a video into reality, the same way you visualize a beat in your head into a song. I’m really good at music and videos I think; there aren’t a lot of people who can do both well. I think I do both really well.

I’m also a DJ, and I have been playing around with it for two years.  I have really good taste in music, so I want to do it more. I want to try to get better.

I want to do everything.  I like doing a little bit of everything. People just know me as a rapper. They don’t know me as a director or a DJ. Even if they do know that I do those things, they don’t care until they actually see me do it.

I do it all, and I am doing a really good job at doing it all. I don’t give a FUCK if people are questioning me doing it all. If people are spending time questioning me, they aren’t doing shit for themselves.

Her Creative Process.

Ideas come to you when you’re peaceful. They come when you feel like thinking; you don’t always feel like thinking. Some people need a clean room to think straight. I like to smoke weed and do laundry when I need to clear my head and start to think.

What She Is Most Proud Of?

Being on the radio. It was crazy the first time I heard myself on it.  The first time I heard myself, I was being played on a Bay Area radio station. I never, ever thought about being on the radio when I was younger. I never even thought that was possible.

Where She Is Today?

I’m doing everything I have always done.  Except now, I have better connections and better tools.  Everything is going well right now.  I know everything is going to work out fine. Even if things went bad, it would still be fine, because it is, what it is.

Best Advice She Has Been Given .

Relax, and enjoy yourself.

Her Best Advice For Others.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Spread yourself out, and do everything you want to do.

Kreayshawn’s new album “Something ‘Bout Kreay” is available now. Head over to for more info.

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