Zuleyka Silver


Zuleyka Silver is a curvaceous beauty and hails from Mexico.

Being introduced to a hot girl is an intimidating experience. It’s far less intimidating when it is done in print, rather than face-to-face. We would now like to take advantage of our printed manuscript and do you a favor. The stndrd would like to introduce you to a really HOT GIRL…you’re welcome!

Zuleyka Silver is a curvaceous beauty and hails from Mexico. She is an Actress/Model, and resides in Los Angeles, CA. Silver recently appeared with Justin Timberlake in the film, In Time, and on the television drama, Touch.

Zuleyka Silver1. How she got her start in the industry…

I did a lot of print modeling jobs growing up, before I could even speak English. I did a lot of campaigns for Guess. My mom got me into it.

2. Her reaction to seeing herself in print as a young girl…

I was so excited! It’s kind of surreal when you come from a place like Mexico, where you don’t have those same types of opportunities. It was pretty cool.

3. Why she acts…

I love acting. It’s what I do. When I see myself
on screen, it’s exciting. I’m more of a dramatic actress rather than a comedic one. I’m not funny at all!

4. Her Hollywood crushes…

I love Robert Downey Jr. and Channing Tatum. I like the fact that Robert Downey Jr. has that older vibe going for him and Channing Tatum is just hot!

5. Her thoughts on dating…

I’ve never been a big dater. I’m really awkward when you first meet me. I hate having to be proper on dates. I hate having to be on my best behavior.

For more on Zuleyka follow her on Twitter and Instagram @ZuleykaSilver.

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