The Usual with Deon Cole


Chicago, Illinois has been the birthplace of many comedy legends. Included in the long list of laugh icons are Lenny Bruce, John Belushi and Tina Fey. Deon Cole is another name you can add to the catalog of Chicago talent. The comedian is from the south side of Chicago and credits his hometown for much of his comedic style and instinct.

“It gave me a lot of diversity. The thing about Chicago is it’s in the middle of the map. Comedians in Chicago talk about everything that’s going on in the country, it gave me more range,” Cole says.

Deon is currently residing in Los Angeles, CA and is a staff writer for Conan. His contributions on the show go beyond just writing however; he also performs sketches and stand-up on the popular talk show. Working on a daily talk show can be grueling, but Deon Cole finds a lot of gratification in his job.

“I love learning from the other writers and from Conan O’Brien. Making people laugh and knowing people are getting what I am thinking is fulfilling for me.”

What is the best piece of relationship advice you can give another man?

Be different. In the bed, outside the bed, be different. Go against the grain. Research and do some things out of the norm. My lady doesn’t know what’s coming sometimes. I might be lying in the bed with a chainsaw. She doesn’t know what’s going on, but she likes it!

Do you consider yourself an organized person?

Pretty much. I like to know where everything is. I like to have some type of order. It may be junky order. All the papers on top of my refrigerator…those are my scripts.

What’s your favorite thing about summer?

Eating all kinds of BBQ sauces. LA has good food but it ain’t that messy good Chicago food. Can’t wait to get back to Chicago this summer.

Have you ever been to Comic-Con? Are you into all that geeky stuff at all?

I have never been. I almost went last year. I am a fan of old school cartoons like Tom and Jerry—even though it was racist as hell.

Are you a fan of the television show, New Girl?

It’s a cool show. One of my good friends is on the show (Lamorne Morris). We grew up together in Chicago.

Do you have a Hollywood crush?

I love Thelma from Good Times, the wife on The Cosby Show, Madonna and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Those are my chicks.

Do you have a dream car?

A black Bentley; it’s a really classy car. I really want one and I am going to get it (laughs).

For more on Deon follow him on Twitter @deoncole.

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